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By putting our design and development talents to work we build products that engage users and help you achieve your business objectives

10 years in the market


Experienced developers in small premises

One day, two experienced software engineers joined hands with an idea of founding a company. At that time the mobile app development business was just starting to emerge, following the dazzling appearance of the first iPhone in 2007. KANGAROO began with the goal of filling a niche in the iPhone app development market.


Office Space



With an increasing number of projects, we needed to grow. We hired more iOS developers, and completed the team with an administrative board, Android developers, project managers, quality assurance specialists, designers, and account managers. From two people working from home we expanded into a fully-fledged company with an office in the heart of the city.


In client's satisfaction


Well experienced software engineers joined us


Nights spent in the office

We take care of the smallest details from your deepest issues to your highest aspirations, to ensure that your dream is converted into a perfect software application. We add Brilliance, our brilliance starts with intelligent thinking, stunning visuals, value added services and highest possible ROI's to make more growth possibilities for you.


Doubled office space


Wi-Fi hot spots


Cups of coffee with our clients

We follow a 360-degree business approach. We get in touch with our clients to understand their target audience, business goals, their vision and align our experts accordingly to best customized services, which optimizes the profitability, generates best ROI and faster outputs.


New offices started


New team members added


Hours of work completed

Having experience of completing hundred of projects and never give up attitude, we are passionate about the new challenges to convert your ideas and concepts into a successful state-of-the-art software applications!

Global Clients


Times our designs was loved by our clients


TOP brands
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Our Values

KANGAROO is a sum of great technology, innovative business culture,
and smart people. Our values are what we respect and care about.

Excellence at work

The will to win, the desire to succeed, and the urge to reach our full potential can all be boiled down to one word: excellence. Commitment to excellence at every stage of app development, from planning to delivery, is the key that unlocks value.

People over processes

The most impressive feats are accomplished by groups of people, not individuals. We are team players and we hire people with a similar outlook, because the success of our team is integral to our own success.

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge is power and the way to get power is by sharing knowledge. By teaching others, we teach ourselves. Spreading knowledge both within our company and to the world at large is the smart way to do business.

Strong relationships

One of the key elements in our relationships with clients is the ability to trust and be trusted. Trust is earned by being honest and transparent, doing our work consistently, and delivering great results.